Hanuman Picture


The History

  1. History of the place goes back to the time of Vasistha Ramayana and Shri Yalguresh stands in the village of Yalgur on the order of Shri Rama for seven villages(Elu Uresh == Yalguresh). 
  2. The idol of Shri Hanuman was in the Govindraj Kere; (Now called as Goni Kere). In the vicinity there is Adkal Gudi in the North-west of the Gondi Kere where Shri Lord Venkatesh's 'Sannidhana' is located and now the idols of Shri Venkateshwar and Shridevi is placed and small temple is built in the middle of the big stone because of the fear by muslim kings of Bijapur. After the fall of Bijapur Kingdom one night one pujari had a dream; who was performing puja on the stone where idol of shri Hanuman was hidden; to break the stone and get the idol; as the pujari was breaking the stone irregularly, the idol was also broken into pieces. . The pujari was worried about the pieces and the puja to be performed and again he had a dream in the night and he was ordered to bring the pieces to the place (where now we have the Temple) and place tehm ina proper manner and close the door for seven complete days, but pujari being very anxious to see the idol and could not suppress the anxiety, he opened the door on the seventh day morning; he saw the idol was completely joined in the upper patr of the idol and few pieces are not joined completely in lower part of the idol (even now we can see the unjoined parts). After that again the pujari had a dream and he was ordered by God to perform all form of poojas from learned Brahmins bringing sacred waters from river Krishna and perform Abhisheka and perform Pratishthapana. So he did all the things as ordered by the God. And now the god is in full strength to bless the devotees. Even today everyday the pujari brings the holy waters from Krishan river and performs Abhishek. 
  3. After that in the rule of maratha king Shri Baaji Rao 480 acres of land was given to the temple as jahagir and was distributed to the pujari and other servants to perform poojas and all other sevas everyday without fail.
This is the history of Shri Yalguresh