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One gets short of words when he tries to describe the famous temple of Sri Yalguresh.
Hanuman Picture

Entrance: The temple has got a very large entrance.The main entrance consists of a very large Vereandah. After entering into it you are welcomed by the two elephants near the main temple.

The Main temple: The front wall shows Hanuman carrying Sanjivani. The two pillars on the sides show pictures of Dwar  Palakas.The top arch shows a huge Garuda. The walls all over describe the story of epic Ramayana. The hue idol of Hanuman inside the main temple is more than 7Feet of height.

The Pradikshina: The main temple is surrounded by the huge Verandah for Pradakskshinas.

The Krishna River: The temple is situated on the banks of the great Krishna River. The Krishna is as famous in the south India as the Ganga in the North India. The Krishna Teer(Banks of Krishna) consists of Goppada Tirth, Siddha Tirth, Seeta Tirth, Janaka Tirth, Krishna Tirth, Ram Tirth, Anjaneya Tirth, Gauri Tirth as well as the Yalgur Tirth Kshetra.

The Ugraann: The Ugraann is the place where More than Ten Thousand devotees are served prasad in the Kartik Utsava. It is very beautiful place. The place consists of very large number of huge and beautiful coconut trees which make the Ugraan a very cool and quiet place.

The Office: The office is situated to the rigth side of the Entrance.

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