Utsavas Celebrated by the Yalgur Devasthan Commitee


There are Utsavas or functions arranged by the Yalgur Devasthaan Commitee. A few of them are listed below:

  • Kartika Utsava (Yalgur Jatra):- This is the biggest Utsava arranged by the Yalgur Devasthaan. It is on the first Saturday after the Poornima day of the Magha Maas month. The devotees perform Pallakki Seva early in the morning. Then the Mangalarti is performed. Then all devotees take a bath in the Krishna River bring its water and perform Panchamruta Abhisheka, Maha Puja, Alankaara(Golden dress is wore to the idol) with flowers and garlands, and a MahaNaivedya is performed.Thousands of people come from all over India specially from Karnataka to Shree Kshetra Yalgur on this day. Huge number of people gather to take darshan of Sri Yalguresh. The devotees are also served Prasad on this day in the Ugraann. In the evening Bhajans and Kirtanas are performed. Bhimshen Joshi's shishya Shri Paadigaar comes on that day every year to perform Bhajans. Peolpe stay awake the whole night(Jaagranna) and on the next day again they perform Pallaki Seva,Panchamruta Abhisheka, MahaPuja Naivedya. This day is celebrated as the Okalli. In the evening there is program named Okalli. The festival comes to an end on the next Saturday when there is the Maree Kartika (Small Kartika).
Other Utsavas