In 1900 Shri Yalguresh gave darshana to Shri Pandurangi Huchachari. In 1901 he went to Tirupathi and wrote bhaktigeet.

Some of the Mahima are as follows:        

1 In Chimmalgi village, Krishna Bhattara of Siddhanti family came to yalgur every saturday walking.  Krishnacharya of Purohit family of the same village was his friend. Both came to yalgur every saturday bathed in river, did puja, took angara and then went to home. Later on after some years is the same way when they were coming home weary, tired and aged they slept below a tree to have rest when they had a dream in which ShriYalguresh said "You have become aged and old so where you are sleeping below Your head there is my murti take it and do its stapana and perform its puja" to Purohit. In the same way Sidhhanti also has the dream" You draw my photo on the wall and perform puja." They both wake up find the murti below the ground. Purohit took it home,did the stapana and performed its puja. Siddhanti Krishna draws a statue in home and performed its puja. Even today we can find the murti in Purohit's house and the drawing on Siddhanti's wall.

2. In Nimaball Shri Haigrew achraya was famous devotee of Yalgurdappa. He ate AllHit and did dhyana of Shri Yalgurdappa. One day he came to take darshana & when bathing, ShriYalgurdappa personally (became Pratyaksha) gave him His murti and asked him to do Its puja and blessed him that whatever he(Shri Haigrew Acharya) says will come true. After some years his grand daughter loses her eye-sight. She performs seva of Haigrew acharya and Lord Shri Yalguresha. Haigrew acharya blesses her and says "Your son will become a big doctor and will give eyesight to many people". His blessings comes true. Dr. M. M. Joshi is now a well famous eye doctor in Hubli by his blessing who is son.

3. During British rule taxes were taken from people who performed seva in temples. So people who performed seva in Yalgur were also asked to pay taxes. People were poor, they had no crop. So the officers punished them and even beat them. There was a devotee named Daseya. People said if he gave they all would pay the officers. Daseya said "I do not have any money, I wont give." The officers beat him so much that he dies. And his sevak has a  dream in which God says that" keep him for three days like that only ". After 3 days daseya livens up and he starts performing seva and pujas as daily. Seeing this miracle officers are afraid and say that they wont take any taxes.

5. In Wadwadgi village, Desai family's Narsoobai was param bhakt of shri Yalguresh. She used to go every saturday to yalgur and in nidgundi went to market. To test her, her family members tied her in the home. ShriYalguresh came in her dreams and gave darshana and says that "In Wadwad fort there is My murti.Come there to have my darshana." She tells everybody in the family about her dream. Everbody in family goes there to find whether whatever she said was true and they really found the murti over there and everybody repents and perform puja.


4. In Ballall village there was a devotee named Deasi.. He had no children. So he performed Naivedya, Anna dana etc.. He was very rich. and had threee wives. They all performed seva in Yalgur. One day Achari has a dream in which Shri Yalgurdappa says that if the first wife of Desai baths in river and performs Abhiskekha she will have a children. Thinking that the lady is too old she will not be able to that Achari does not tell this to Desai. After three years seeing the devotion and seva performed by Desai and his wives he tells Desai about the dream.Desai's first wife agreees to do accordingly. She bathes in the river bring water from the river and performs Abhishka. After Abhisheka and Annugrah are performed in her dreams ShriYalguresh gives her MantrAkshati. I the dreams of second wife ShriYalguresh gives her two Uttathi(dry dates)saying that she will have two male children third wife gets 1Uttathi(dry dates) for 1 boy child. They have children and therir wishes are fullfilled.